The following information contains legally mandatory details on the identity of the host of the website as well as important legal notices about the websites of the institutes of the Forschungsverbund Berlin.

The legal host of this website is the Forschungsverbund Berlin.

Register of Associations
The Forschungsverbund is listed in the register of associations of the local district court Berlin-Charlottenburg with the register number VR 12174 NZ.

The Forschungverbund Berlin is represented by the administrative director Dr. Manuela Urban alongside the spokesperson of the executive council and, in case of business pertaining to one specific institute, the director of the respective institute.

Tax number
The tax number of the Forschungsverbund Berlin is: DE 136785011

Legal notices with regard to the organisational set-up
The Forschungsverbund Berlin unites eight independent institutes.

Legal notice on liability
The Forschungsverbund Berlin aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website. Nonetheless mistakes and inaccuracies cannot be ruled out completely. Therefore the Forschungsverbund does not take on responsibility for accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided or it being up-to-date.

The Forschungsverbund Berlin is under no circumstances liable for any damages of a material or intellectual nature, which is caused by the use of or failure to use the provided information, or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information, unless intent or negligence can be proved. This also applies to the software that is available for a free download.

The Forschungsverbund reserves the right to change, amend by addition or delete parts or the entirety of its internet content or to suspend the publication temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

Liability for "external material", which might arise from direct or indirect links to other providers only applies when prior knowledge of illegal or criminal contents can be proved. "External material" is highlighted appropriately. The Forschungsverbund Berlin has no influence on the "external material" and does not adopt such contents as its own. The Forschungsverbund Berlin has no prior knowledge of illegal or offensive contents on the linked pages of external providers. Should linked pages of external providers nevertheless contain illegal or offensive contents, the Forschungsverbund Berlin disassociates itself from such contents.

Legal notice on copy right
The layout of the homepage, the used graphics and all other contents are protected by copy right.

Legal notice on data protection (Privacy Statement)
It is generally possible to use the websites of the Forschungsverbund Berlin without telling us who you are. We only have access to data gathered by any web server to a normal extent. The information is used for statistical analysis.

The Forschungsverbund Berlin takes the protection of personal data very seriously. Our aim with regard to data processing is to only gather such personal data as is necessary for the use of our services.

By entering your personal data you authorise us, to process and use your data to carry out the services and activities chosen by you. This authorisation can be revoked at any time.

To optimise your access to information you will find links to third-party websites on our site. If such links are not obviously recognisable, we do point out that the link is external. The Forschungsverbund has no influence on the current and future contents or design of pages by external providers. The guarantees laid out in this privacy statement do not apply to such pages.

For more information on "data protection at the Forschungsverbund Berlin" please contact the data protection officer of our association.

Webmaster's liability
Webmaster's liability of the website of the Forschungsverbund Berlin according to the German Broadcast Media Act are the administrative director Dr. Manuela Urban or the non-scientific, and the directors of the respective institutes for the scientific content.

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Holger Klimek, Braunschweig (Germany) -

Picture Credit (Picture-Slider on Page "Welcome")

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"Moltkebrücke" - Ansgar Koreng / CC BY 3.0 DE - cutted
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