Program October 9

09:00 Cheminformatics & Chemical Systems Biology
(Chairs: Rathnam Chaguturu, Petr Bartunek)
09:00 Jordi Mestres
Threads and Opportunities of Distant Polypharmacology in Chemical Probes
09:30 Tudor Oprea
Drugs, Targets, Diseases and the Druggable Proteome
10:00 Prudence Mutowo
A drug target slim: Using the ChEMBL protein target information and Gene Ontology to navigate protein-ligand target space
10:20 Special Topic: Quality of Chemical Probes
10:20 Albert A. Antolin
Probing cancer genomes: Limitations of currently available chemical tools for effective target validation in cancer
10:40 Jonathan Baell
The Chemical Probes Portal
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Molecular Imaging
(Chairs: Richard Wombacher, Evan Miller)
11:30 Carsten Schultz
Imaging molecules relevant to disease
12:00 Venkata PK Kondapi
New near-infrared fluorescent hexose probes for optical imaging of breast cancer
12:20 Toru Komatsu
Synthetic reconstitution of phagocytosis by chemically induced modification of cell-cell interaction
12:40 Péter Kele
Double-Clicking bioorthogonally applicable fluorogenic labels
13:00 Lunch
In parallel ACS Publications
Meet the Editors of ACS Central Science: Carolyn Bertozzi and David Tirrell
14:00 Probing the structure and function of PTMs
(Chairs: Kjetil Taskén, Christian Ottmann)
14:00 Hilal Lashuel
Chemical Biology of Alpha-Synuclein: From novel tools to disease mechanisms to novel Parkinson’s disease therapies
14:30 Carlo Unverzagt
Convergent Synthesis of Libraries of N-Glycoproteins
15:00 Dorothea Fiedler
The inositol polyphosphates intersect with protein signaling and metabolic networks via two distinct mechanisms
15:20 Yaowen Wu
Mechanistic studies of Legionella effector RavZ function in host autophagy using semi-synthetic LC3 proteins
15:40 Satpal Virdee
Engineered Protein-based Probes for Activity-Based Profiling of the Ubiquitin Conjugation Machinery
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Keynote by Jason Chin
Reprogramming the Genetic Code
(Chair: Edward Lemke)
17:15 Poster Prizes and Farewell
Phil Gribbon & Mel Reichman